The purposes of the Association are:

I. to facilitate cooperation, promote human welfare and improve the effectiveness of health, physical education, recreation and dance programs,

II. to encourage and disseminate research,

III. to assist in the promotion, implementation and ongoing evaluation of professional standards for personnel and programs,

IV. to promote, sponsor, and/or conduct professional meetings,

V. to provide informational services through a variety of publications, media services and professional meetings,

VI. to provide representation and services to district and national associations,

VII. to cooperate with other professional groups having similar interests for the development of quality programs in health, physical education, recreation and dance,

VIII. to facilitate and encourage programs in public information and marketing,

IX. to provide opportunities for professional and personal growth.

X. to represent the interests of school children, their parents and their teachers regarding legislation which affects the quality of students’ physical health and well-being.

Organizations with a similar mission and purpose may seek the use of the name and logo of IAHPERD and the privilege of its support to promote their program and plans.  The granting of such support and encouragement should not be interpreted as endorsement for it is difficult to maintain quality control, compliance and accountability for the projected purposes of such projects.  The affiliate or sponsoring organization must assume accountability for compliance and quality control.  The name and logo of the Association are a reflection of the value of well-being and education in life and society, not a symbol of merit of any individual, product or enterprise organizing such activities.