WHY should I participate? 
As HPE professionals we are all well aware that decisions made by legislators affect our students, our programs, our funding and our school communities so, we need to show our passion and our grasp of the issues affecting our schools. We need to continue to be ‘a presence’ in Springfield and be a voice for our students and fellow professionals. We will need to continue to educate the legislators about the importance of what we do and why the students of Illinois need quality, daily physical education. Once again, IAHPERD members will have to do what we do best……..teach.  

WHO can attend?     
Any IAHPERD member in ‘good standing’ who is willing to advocate for our students and programs is welcome to join us for our Shape Up Illinois event.

WHAT will I be asked to do? 
You may need to drive to Springfield the night before but, this may not be necessary for some participants because of their proximity to Springfield or their desire to drive to Springfield the morning of the event. Before coming to Springfield, everyone will be given the ‘tools’ necessary to have a successful day in the Capitol (talking points, information and statistics). Once at the Capitol, participants will begin to meet with legislators and/or their aides (you can go in pairs or by yourself) to educate and advocate. Once we have completed our tasks, we will do a short de-briefing session and then should have everyone on the road home by 1:00pm.

WHAT will it cost me? 
NOTHING.  IAHPERD will reimburse you for mileage or train fare and, if you are staying overnight, your hotel bill.

***Due to hotel space limitations, the number of registrants is limited and will taken on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis****

HOW do I sign up? 
Just click on the ‘sign up’ button at the right-hand side of this page.

If you have any questions, contact  Deb Vogel at 847-310-1956 or dvogs3@gmail.com